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Fake HRMC tax refund 2019

April of 2019 is coming. Some of us will get a tax refund from HRMC. You can claim your tax refund here. Fraudsters alleging to be from HMRC send text messages to unsuspecting members of the public. In these messages, they will make false claims, such as suggesting they are due to a tax rebate. Messages will usually include links to websites that harvest... read more

DVLA vehicle tax refund scam

Fraudsters send out text messages en-masse targeting random phone numbers in an attempt to coax out people’s data and credit card details. “Your vehicle tax is recalculated” or “You have an outstanding vehicle tax refund due to overpayment” or similar are the typical text messages that scammers impersonating the DVLA are currently sending out en-masse to random numbers. A fake notification... read more