Ignas Tarabilda Portfolio

Cheap web hosting

Mini projects

CRUD application

My notes - a simple application written in PHP, deployed on Heroku platform.

Github user finder

Github finder - find the latest repo's and information of all github users.

Rock scissors paper

Do you have a dispute with your friend or colleague? Resolve it online!

PHP PDO login

This login form benefits with salt encryption and connection to the database via PHP PDO.

Legendary snake

Do you remember the old days when snake game just came out?

Quiz application

Simple quiz application created using Angular JS and Bootstrap CSS framework.

Password reset via email

PHP secure login form with validation and password reset function (via email address).

SEO Doctor

Double-check your SEO title, meta description and main text character length.

CSS grid example

In this CSS grid example, I use grid-template-columns and rows to structure the page.

JavaScript Slider

Single page website including (Pure Vanilla JavaScript slider) and contact me/us form.

Calorie Counter

Calorie Tracker is an CRUD application that helps to count the calories (Vanilla Javascript).

Vue JS app

Dead simple Vue JS CRUD application where user can create, read, update or delete data.