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Fake HRMC tax refund 2019

April of 2019 is coming. Some of us will get a tax refund from HRMC. You can claim your tax refund here. Fraudsters alleging to be from HMRC send text messages to unsuspecting members of the public. In these messages, they will make false claims, such as suggesting they are due to a tax rebate. Messages will usually include links to websites that harvest personal information or spread malware. This can, in turn, lead to identity fraud and the theft of people’s personal savings.

HMRC will never contact customers who are due to a tax refund by text message or by email. Here are some fake HRMC text messages and forms.

Later you will be redirected to the page

Then Cyber Criminals are going to spend your money! So please, NEVER PROVIDE YOUR CARD DETAILS if you receipt this type of text messages or emails.

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